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Fabricated Galvanised Box Gutters

Fabricated Steel Box Guttering

We can manufacture heavy duty galvanised steel box gutters to your specifications.  These are predominately used on industrial and agricultural building but can sometimes be found used as valley gutters on smaller domestic projects.

Box or steel valley gutters can take many shapes and sizes depending on application and can be produced in different thickness steel (either 1.6mm or 2.0mm thick).

Please download our GG1 Galvanised Gutter Form for standard shapes or complete our GG5 Galvanised Gutter Form to send us dimensions of a different shape gutter for a quotation.

With a maximum manufacturing length of 3.0m your gutters can be joined in two ways:

  • Internal butt strap system using nuts bolts and mastic which will need drilling as required (nuts and bolts will need to be ordered separately).
  • Joggle jointed system whereby we press a female end to one end of the gutter and punch holes in both ends for the nuts and bolts (all nuts/bolts/washers and mastic are supplied with joggle jointed gutters). Please specify at the time of order if there is no underside access to the gutter when installing so that we can supply correct captive nuts with your order.

Stop ends can either be supplied welded in place at our workshop or supplied loose to be fixed on site with nuts bolts and sealant. Stop ends with weir outlets can also be fabricated according to your specifications.

Galvanised Box Gutters

Gutter outlets are supplied as a galvanised steel top-hat section in either 63mm, 75mm or 100mm diameter depending on the pipe size being used. The outlet can be installed at the desired location within a gutter run by cutting the hole and fixing the outlet through. Note that the base of the top hat is supplied as 200mm x 200mm but this can be trimmed down on site if required for gutters with smaller bases.

Downpipes are usually supplied in PVC in either Black or Grey but we are also able to manufacture square downpipes in 0.7mm thick galvanised material.

It is recommended that the internal face of all fabricated gutters are painted with two coats of black bitumous paint, this will dramatically increase the lifespan of the gutter. Paint is applied on site and should cover the entire base and at least 75mm up each side of the gutter, we stock this paint in 5 litre tins.


GG1 Galvanised Gutter Form

Please download for standard shapes



GG5 Galvanised Gutter Form

Please download for different shapes