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Fabricated Trimline Steel Box Gutters

Fabricated Steel Box Guttering

Trimline box gutters are high capacity gutters that are designed to suit buildings with steel roofing and cladding. The finish of the gutter can be manufactured to match the finish and colour of the roofing cladding or steel flashings of the building.


We stock and manufacture trimline gutters in 0.7mm thick material in the following finishes:

  • Plastisol Leathergrain or HPS2 (various colours)
  • Polyetser coated (various colours)
  • Silver PVF2 or Prisma finish
  • Plain galvanised steel finish
  • Aluminium, (0.9mm thick, plain or colour coated)

In order to manufacture a trimline gutter correctly with support arms that are positioned correctly we will require the profile depth of the roof sheets and the angle of roof pitch. Please see our Trimline Gutter Calculator.

If you already know your gutter dimensions please send us a drawing or complete our Plastic Coated Gutter Order Form.

All Trimline gutters are manufactured in 3m lengths as standard (shorter length available if requested). To join two lengths of gutter you would need to use internal butt straps which come in 150mm lengths and are secured in place with sealant and either rivets or stitcher screws.


Butt Straps and support arms

The most common method of fixing a trimline gutter to a building is by using gutter support arms which are formed to the profile of the roof sheet and spaced at roughly 600mm centres (depending on profile centres). These support arms create a strong counter lever support to the front edge of the gutter pushing the back edge up against the building and the underside of the roof sheet. When ordering trimline gutters with support arms we will need to know the profile of the roof sheet if you do not know this please complete the Profile ID Form.

As with any gutter type the stops ends are used at the ends of runs. Trimline gutter stop ends are supplied loose and should be fixed to the gutter run using either rivets or stitcher screws along with sealant to ensure water tightness

Outlets for trimline gutters are supplied as an galvanised steel top-hat section in either 63mm, 75mm or 100mm diameter depending on the pipe size being used. The outlet can be installed at the desired location within a gutter run by cutting the whole and fixing the outlet through. Note that the base of the top hat is supplied as 200mm x 200mm but this can be trimmed down on site if required for gutters with smaller bases.

We can fabricate square downpipes to order in maximum 3m lengths to suit the material of the trimline gutters. These square downpipes can be produced in different sizes with the most common being a 100mm x 100mm pipe. Collars can be added to the end of pipes to act as sleeve when connecting two pipes on longer runs. Strap brackets are used to secure the downpipe to the wall, these are generally strips of material bent to suit the pipe but will be require further bending and cutting on site depending on the distance the pipe is from the wall.

Other fabrications are often required for gutter runs including gutter bends, downpipe bends and swan-neck and shoes. We may require drawings for more complex fabrications to ensure correct angles and projections but please get in touch with any requirements you may have.

Steel fabrication

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