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How to take care of your guttering

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It’s that time of year again! Autumn has crept upon us and is now here! Leaves are starting to fall from the trees which can lead to problems with your guttering! As the UK is known to have heavy downpours during the next three months your guttering needs to be maintained.

Gutter Maintenance

Gutters can be cast iron, PVC or pressed steal. It protects your home’s exterior walls from rain by leading it from the roof to the drain situated in the ground. Not taking care of your guttering could lead to water passing from the exterior of the building through to the interior of the curtain wall system and can cause damp.

Maintaining your gutters isn’t difficult but taking a few minutes to clear them out will save you problems further down the line!

Check out our guide below to see how you can take care of your guttering!

Top tips

  • Inspect your guttering twice a year to ensure they are in working order.
  • Always use a ladder when inspecting guttering.
  • Keep gutters as clean as possible to avoid rust.
  • If you find water falling sharply from one place this can mean a blockage.
  • If you have plastic guttering and find a leak this means the seal has broken.


  • Before the weather really kicks in it’s a good idea to inspect your guttering
  • Carefully examine the outside of the guttering checking for any cracks or holes where water could escape.
  • Use a set of ladders to inspect inside the gutters checking for the usual cause of blockages such as leaves, debris or rubbish.

Clean up
Once you have identified what is in your guttering it is now time to remove it.

You can use a small brush or trowel to remove any of the debris in your guttering.
Once you have removed all of the debris your gutter should be now ready to take on the rain fall!

If you prefer to not have the worry of maintaining your guttering throughout the year there are alternative methods you can use.

Gutter Guards
A gutter guard is a grate that blocks debris but still allows water to get through.
Hedgehog – This is a long brush that sits in the gutter and keeps out leaves. They bounce off or stay on the spine of the brush.

Remember it is better to maintain your guttering now instead of leaving it and causing further problems!

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